Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This week's craft

Here's my entry in Shakespeare's women, an art doll CJ. Bit nervous about this, becasue I don't think I am arty enoughLOL! But, I am quite pleased with how it turned out. It is Juliet aka Maria in West Side Story. I printed out the lyrics for 'I feel Pretty' for thr RHS. The backing paper to Juliet has love words all over it, including 'dollface', which unfortunately has slipped off the bottom a bit. The lyrics are printed onto the same paper, and it says 'honey' LOL. The whole thing is supposed to be Juliet in love.

This Lo won 'Page of the Day' competition at my Brighton and Hove crop. The challenge was 'sweet moments'. I was going to find a pic of Lucy as a little girl, and do a pretty LO. But then I saw this LO (off to find out where I saw it so I can acknowledge it!) and thought about doing a LO with some of the pics i have been taking of the family lately. The journalling reads
I said 'What is your favourite sweet?
Maurice said a big box of chocolotaes
I said chocoalte bar
Nicholas said bar of chocolate or jelly babies
Lucy said Mars Bar or Haribo'
Paper is BG Blush.

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Gallifrey said...

Wow! I am so lucky that that CJ is coming home to me. I couldn't resist a peek. Thank you!