Monday, November 13, 2006


I have finally persuaded a very reluctant DH that we should decorate our lounge. I can't tell you the number of times he has talked about painting over the wallpaper! That would be Ok if we were decorating to sell! We desperately need a new carpet, this one has been there for 14 years, and looks terrible. The decor is very 'tired', and old fashioned. They've been talking about 'chucking out your chintz' for about 10 years now haven't they?

We have ordered a new fireplace, it's a limestone classic style, about as wide as the existing one but a bit taller, which will go well with the high ceilings. It's being fitted on 15th Dec so we need to get most of it done by then. We have made a plan, and already emptied the cabinet (it's going!), the shelves, and most of the walls. I had loads of pictures in there, perhaps I should slim them down now. It looks and sounds very bare in there now. We like the darker coffee colour matchpot (on chimney breast wall) for the chimney breast wall, and a darker cream for the rest of the walls. We will probably keep the big green shelf unit, but take off the 'twiddly' bits on the ends (DH made it!). All the green paintwork will be white gloss. (We had a real pash on Farrow and Ball matt paints when we decorated before). We won't be having a border, which is why I don't want to paint over the wallpaper, the border will show through! The settees will go, so we need to choose a new one, dark brown? (that's back to the beginning, our first settee was dark brown dralon!)

This fireplace is dire, isn't it? The tiles are crazed now and very grubby. We're going to have a gas fire rather than open fire, cos we don't sit in the lounge long enough to bother lighting the real fire!

We think we will take these shelves down, but we're not completely sure yet.

We are going to put the stereo in this corner, so that I can have a coffee table next to the big settee, and a lamp, for a nice cosy corner.

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