Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I've been meaning to write about my music for a while now. Then a challenge came up on UKStampers to do something about music, and I thought I'd do a page for my book of me.

Well, here is a start:

I listen to music all day:

At work - on my MP3 player
At home - Radio 2 on my DAB radio in the kitchen
At bedtime - CD player in my bedroom (also a clock radio)

On my MP3 player I have:

David Gates
Frank Sinatra
Burt Bacharach
World's Greatest Hits
Robbie Williams (swing album)
Mamas and Papas
60s hits
Country Music Greats

I've had this combination for a while now, and will change it soon to :

Razorlight (latest acquisition)
RHCP (courtesy of flo!)
Johnny Cash (been listening to him since seeing the film 'Walk the line'

+ some other albums that I've not listened to much lately

This morning I was listening to David Gates, but it's bedtime music really, not get up and go early in the morning! The MP3 player kept stopping, and then restarting back at the same place, so I heard David's dulcet tones about 4 times!!

I wrote down the 'Tracks of MY Years' somewhere, must find them! Favourites over the years include:
Slade (my first love!)
Led Zeppelin
Chris Rea
Chris de Burgh
Police / Sting
Lots of classical
Opera (we have been to see several at Brighton, but I don't listen to them much at home)
Nora Jones

What I'd like to know more about:
Country Music

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