Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flo's CJ entry

I was (and still am!!) very nervous about this one. Flo is just soooo brilliant at stamping and ideas and stuff. I just get complete CJ fright, and then no matter what I try to do, it is not good enough!!! So rather than try to be clever and try to stamp something all singing and dancing, I decided on these doodled designs. I masked the backgrounds where the writing is, and swooshed with distress inks. I really love the effect. I then doodled away, and stmaped a few tiny butterflies and dragonflies on the dreams page. I don't have a snake or snail stamp (sorry!!!), so the greeny brown just looks a bit grungy! I then added some gems as a final touch. I hope you like it Flo!

For the sign in tag, Flo wanted us to show her our favourite stamps. Sorry this is a bit tongue in cheek, but I love Snoopy, and when I saw this stamp I just had to have it! I'm going to make a collection now of Snoopy stamps and already have 2!


Flo said...

Linda - stop stressing - it's fab!!! I especially like your inked backgrounds. and Snoopy's a cutie! :)

MJ said...

Love it Linda, fab idea with the inks, love Snoopy too

MJ xx

Galaxy Girl said...

I love it, well done.

The inky background is fab.