Thursday, September 07, 2006


Oh my god! My house was sooo smelly and dirty! There has been a sort of rubbish/bad drain smell in the kitchen for a few days, so now everything has had a really good clean, and it all smells nice and fresh again, that is until the dog gets wet and shakes all over the place! I think the smell came from the washing machine mostly. I must remember to wipe out the grey seal a bit more often.

Well, I cleaned and scrubbed and disinfected nearly all day yesterday. I had a break at lunchtime and took DS and friend for lunch at Shoreham Airport. The terminal building is very 1930s in style, and is often used in old films. Just small planes use Shoreham, and it's great to sit and watch the planes land and take off with the downs and Lancing College in the background (I should have taken my camera!)

When I was telling DH what I'd done, I said I've done everything except.... and then reeled off a whole load of rooms still to do! Both children's bedrooms, lounge, downstairs loo, dining/scrapbooking room!

I didn't do any today. Me and DS walked the dog up at Highdown. The weather was so perfect you could easily make out the Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth! Then dog to vets for injection, home for an hour (did tidy up my scrap stash a bit), then took Mum and Dad out for lunch at Pulborough. Of course we ended up at the garden centre with the craft section, didn' we? Previously, I've spent far too much money there, but today, just a pack of red and pink PM card, and a reel of double sided tape, very restrained. Mum bought some pretty papers and she's going to have a go at making an accordian book like mine. Home to meet DD and take her trainer shopping ( a good day, no arguments) , home again to cook tea, eat tea, half an hour scrapping, half an hour on here, and now I'm off to my Rosemary Conley class. PHEW!!! (Might have a glass of wine later - DH and I are trying not to drink every day, so we've not had any since Sunday. We're trying to only drink at weekends. Makes us sound like a couple of old soaks, doesn't it? We're not that bad, I usually only have 1 maybe 2 glasses each day, DH usually has a bit more.)

Really nice thing today - the weather, warm but fresh, great for dog walking, and driving up to Pulborough.

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