Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Should I take this job?

I've been offered a job! The cleaner at the family centre has resigned, and I jokingly said, I'll come and do it! Well, we talked about it a bit, and I am very tempted. It's 15 hours per week out of office hours. I would have to do 3 hours early in the morning, becasue there is no way I could do 5pm - 8pm what with tea and dog walking with DH!

It's a place I know
It's just round the corner
It gives me the rest of the day to do what I like, eg coffee, lunch dates
Can easily work around the dog

It's soooo early!!! (I'm not good first thing in the morning)
Do I really want to be a CLEANER? (me with my Neuroscience degree!!!!)

I'm mostly tempted because it would fit in with everything, and I could earn some money for more stash!! Having just bought my QK machine with 1 alphabet, I desperately need more!!!! My monthly budget I've set at the moment is £100, and I am so easily going over each month. Just lately I have bought the QK (from the marketplace on UKS) and then spent £40 at Jillybeans, will be spending £23.50 on Saturday (cost of ginger-pickles class, to include all stash), and I still have a wish list as long as your arm! (Oh and I bought 2 distress inks at the Worthing Stamp Show, that's another £10!).

One other thing, Spanish classes on Wednesday afternoon have been cancelled, not enough people! OH no! Now what shall I do about that? For the time being, I am going to go with Barbara and Joy, 2 ladies I've met over the summer who are haivng a private conversation lesson with a Spanish lady called Paloma. At least it will keep up my Spanish, and I won't forget it all! Barbara and Joy are writing diaries in Spanish. Maybe I'll write a sentance each time I write in my blog:

Ahora, hace calor. Manana, pasee mi perro a la playa. Bueno!

(I don't know how to add in accnets and the squiggle over the n! I'll have to find out, but right now, I am going to keep fit in Lancing!)


oOcarrieOo said...

You were after a part time little job Linda! Ask them if you can have a 4 week or 3 month trial basis to see how you like it! I have to get up at 4.30 to start work at 6.30 most days and if I get a bit tired I'll hop into bed for a snooze when I get in around 4pm!

Galaxy Girl said...

mmmm, gettin up early and earning stash money, it's a sacrifice worth doing.

Can we have an english translation for too?