Monday, September 18, 2006

Wings CJ entry

I left this rather too much to the last minute, mainly cos I was scared stiff about doing it!! This CJ is Claire's, and is a tin! It is absolutely gorgeous. We each have a file folder to decorate, anything goes so long as there are wings on it!

I'm really worried that my entry isn't very good :(:( I did rush it a bit in the end to get it posted today, cos I so hate posting late in CJs. Also, I probably wouldn't get any more time to do it for the next few days so if not posted today it wouldn't get posted till the end of the week.

Unfortunately ****** Blogger won't let me upload photos at the mo. I'll be back later.

I'm off to Scrappers paradise crop in Crawley (Three Bridges to be exact). I think I'll be an expert at crops soon! I've just printed out some photos in 7 x 5 to take with me. I'm going to use the K & Co scrap pad I got free with my subscription to SI. I love it more and more the more I use it.

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oOcarrieOo said...

Linda - you can always post the Cjs onto me later if it's ever more convenient for you!!!