Tuesday, September 26, 2006


One of those days! My kitchen sink blocked up yesterday, and last night DH had a look, but couldn't fix it. So I phoned the drain unblockers about 8.15am. They said they would phone back in a bout half an hour to tell me when they could come. I said I'm just going out with the dog, please leave a message, and I'll make sure I'm in when you come. When I got home, they hadn't phoned.

Meanwhile, the telegraph pole with our phone line on it was being replaced, and a man came and knocked on the door to tell us that the phone would be off most of the day. So I thought, I'd better phone the drain people and tell them they won't be able to reach me on the house phone. (But I needed to quickly download my emails first!) So I found my mobile phone - no credit!! (It hardly ever runs out of credit cos I hardly ever use it!) Luckily, DS's phone was handy and had charge and credit, so I phoned drain people who said they'd come late morning, and phoned Family Centre to tell them I wouldn't be in this morning! PHEW!!!

Not having the internet working was so liberating!!! DS and I sorted his bedroom, I did the ironing, sorted out my clothes, and my bedside cabinet.

Drain people came and cleared the blockage in about 5 mins, but I happened to mention that the drain outside gets blocked up sometimes, so they had a look at that for me, and cleaned the whole thing from washing machine right down to the street. It was very yucky! I so hope that is the end of bad smells around the kitchen!

Just spent ages trying to find some nice Asian papers for Sid's CJ. I've decided to do it more scrapbooking, as I have some fab photos from Hong Kong 20-odd years ago. I found some gorgeous antique style papers on one site, but I couldn't find anything else I wanted to buy, so it would have cost £2.95 P&P for 90p worth of purchases! I've found some chinese character paper, and coin charms, and the same site has cut'n'dry, which I've been looking for for a while. I've played with my photos in photoshop, but can't really remember how to do it, think I need to go on another course (I did one this time last year). Also bought some Paper Artsy stamps from UKScrappers marketplace (asian and wings) so I will make some stamped embellies for my page. Looking forward to it!

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