Monday, September 04, 2006

The rest of the week off

I keep thinking about what to write in here, and never actually getting round to writing it! Here's a quick resume of last week which Maurice took as holiday (I've already done the BH weekend)

We did loads of jobs in the morning, car booked in for MOT, trousers to dry-cleaners, shoes shopping for DD (didn't get any!), garage door fixed. We were well pleased with ourselves! In the afternoon we took Mum and Dad out to the lovely little tea room at Wiston for a cream tea. It's a lovely little cottage in the countryside behind Worthing, and has a little 'farmyard' with ducks, geese, goats, hens, etc, and a little stream running through the garden. And they do fab scones!! In the evening we took DS and DD out to celebrate their results (DD got a level 6 in English which suprised noone more than herself!!) we went to a little Italian in Worthing town centre, very nice!

I spent the day at the family Centre helping with children's party and then clearing up from that in time for a grownups party (Pimms and scones) to celelbrate 10 years. It was great! DH spent the day with his mum and took her out for a pub lunch.

We all went out together! We loaded up the bikes onto the car and drove down to Burley in the New Forest and cycled along the forest tracks. It was great! We all really enjoyed it, and Merlin was absolutely fab running along beside us the whole time, not at all getting in our way. We cycled about 12 miles in all. It was a bit undulating, and quite gravely in places. I only had to get off and push once up a steep hill! We drove down to Barton-on -Sea for fish and chips on the cliff top, but by then it was cold and quite breezy! Lovley view from BoS though, across to Christchurch and Swanage to the west, and IoW to the east.

Maurice and I went to Goodwood revival. It's a 1950s and 60s event at Goodwood race track. We went on the bike, so no queueing and we can park right by the entrance! Easy get away too. The day was fab, loads of people were dressed up in period gear, most women had gorgeousd flouncy 1950s style dresses. Luckily the weather was good most of the day (it wasn't for the rest of the weekend). We saw a bit of racing, looked around the pits, and the stalls, shops, saw a race getting ready (including Stirling Moss being push started that didn't work!), and then some more racing from a different part of the circuit. We were both trying to get photos of the cars by panning, Maurice was far better at it than me! His camera is tons better than mine, I think I might have to have a better one for Christmas. We left about 4.30 so we could oggle the cars in the car park!! There was a special car park for pre 1963 cars, which we had to walk through to get to the bike. Loads of Jaguars, Austin Healeys, MGs, generally just great cars, and all in gorgeous condition. I was absolutely knackered when we got home, and vegged in front of the tv all evening. Lucy had 4 friends to sleep over,but they were well behaved, and very quiet.

All in all we feel as though we've had a great summer, even though we haven't been away. But, we are planning to go away in October to New York, which is quite exciting, and something to look forward to before Christmas.

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Galaxy Girl said...

wow, busy week.

New York, how scrummy!!