Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bank holiday monday

Monday We decided to take Merlin for a walk up on the downs. We parked up on Steyning bowl and walked a short distance of the South Downs way. It is fantastic when you get into the hills. The weather was absolutely perfect, warm, but fresh, and lots of clouds scudding across the sky making interesting shadows over the undulating fields. The corn fields that have been harvested reflect the light and look like 'fields of gold'. I love that you can see the sea, and the ships waiting to come intoShoreham Harbour. In fact, you can see right from Beachy Head in the East to the Isle of Wight in the west, a great panorama. And we say that living here is boring - I think not!

What is incredible is that I have lived here for over 40 years, and to my shame have not walked on the downs much. I did cycle to Steyning when I was a teenager with my brother, and we went up over Steyning bowl. It seems an awfuly long way to me now!


Galaxy Girl said...


Stunning photos.

How are you?


MJ said...

Gorgeous photos Linda and doesn't Merlin look soooo cute