Friday, August 25, 2006

retail therapy!

I had a bit of a spend up yesterday!! Look at these gorgeous tops! The 2 on the left are from Next and the one on the right is from Monsoon. I love the funky designs on these tops and the colours, so autumny!

I decided I need to take more care when I dress. I end up wearing the dogwalking clothes all day! (Guess what I've got on now!) I went for coffee with my friends last week and felt SO scruffy! So when DD had her hair done yesteray, I went shopping. I went in Monsoon for the sale, but just fell in love with this orangy dress top. I shall wear it with my beige linen trousers. In the afternoon I decided to go to Chichester to go to Staples (for craft storage) and Lakeland (craft). I spent far too much money! I bought some flat box files for my unmounted stamps, another magazine rack, little presents for the kids, pens, etc in Staples. In Lakeland I bought loads of stuff I'm not really sure I want!! (OOOPS!) Bargain load of inks for £9, hope they are OK. I had a little play with them last night, and they seem OK. Some pastel scrapbook papers, £3 for 12 sheets, a little 6 x 6 book of floral papers which will be good for my gardening album. Oh and a whole load of signo pens in Woolworth for £5 (says it's £50 worth on the box!!) Now I can do my journaling in all different colours!!

It's a really gorgeous day here today. Took Merlin for a walk along Ferring beach, and the sun is warm but the air fresh, and a very slight autumn tinge. The sea was a gorgeous shade of blue. Then I had my coffee in the garden and took some more garden photos. I am trying to photograph my fuschias but it's very difficult to get them in focus, too 3d I think! Off to do a CJ entry now, I really MUST get it done!!

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MJ said...

Love those colours, no good I feel a trip to next on the horizon!!!!