Tuesday, August 22, 2006

UKS and crops

I have spent far too long on here today. I didn't have to go to my voluntary job this afternoon becasue Lucy was off sick. I did go to Sainsbury's and I did do my Anglo-Italian FHS stuff, but I've also spent far too long on here, and now I can't seem to get off!

I saw a thread about scrapbookers in Kent, so started one on scrapbookers in Sussex. I've had some amazing responses. There is a scrapbook online shop based in Worthing that does classes! I didn't know. I've left a message on their answerphone, becasue it would be good to have a truly local place to go. The only reservation I have is that it might be a bit basic, it sounds like it is for beginners.

I've finally booked on a crop at Jillybean's over in eastbourne, been meaning to go there for ages, especially as it's just round the corner from Cynthia, so I know it's only 1 hour away. Sunday 10th September 10 - 6 I think.

I've also booked on a crop with Cre8tive online in Fareham. Hopefully that will be about 1 hour away too. I had some excellent service from them when I wanted some cardstock, so really looking forward to that. Saturday 30th September

And I'm going to Scrappers Paradise crop in Crawley on Monday 18th September. That is in the evening. I would love to go to their retreat, but maybe I ought to discuss it with DH first!

I just love UKS atm, it's like having a whole crowd of like minded friends to talk/chat /ask advice at any time, and at the drop of a hat! FAB!

I have also today looked at some fabulous blogs, linked from UKStampers. (Must sort out how to link blogs from here) Lots of collagy vintagy cards etc. Very inspirational. In fact, it inspried me to have a go at masking for the first time ever. I'm quite pleased with the results! It's just difficult to design, and decide which stamps to use. I want to do something collagy for the UKStampers CJ I've got. I think i really will go downstairs and have another play, and find some stamps that go with the theme. It needs a background too.

Last bit of news. we got our new laptop today. DS is just setting it up, loading stuff on to it. Hopefully I will be able to commandeer it for the scrap/dining room sometimes!

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