Thursday, August 31, 2006

Texas Bank holiday Sunday

Sunday we went to Arundel Castle for a Texas concert. It turned out to be a fab setting, but at first we were not so sure. There wasn't anywhere to have a picnic, the small piece of grass they allocated was way too small, and extremely crowded! We found a bit by a wall in the end that wasn't too bad. Then the support bands were local bands that had won a competition by the local radio station Spirit FM. The first band, called Sandweaver, and from Worthing wasn't too bad, but the next band, called Shimoto or something were awful!!! Finally, Texas came on, and boy, were they worth waiting for! Charlene Spiteri is fab, fab, fab! Her voice is fantastic. They sound much better live than the CD! (I don't always think that!). I knew every song they sang, and then when I got home, I realised that the CD I've got is their greatest hits album, Durrrrr! Oh I love summer outdoor concerts! Last year we went to Kew (spectacular setting, in front of big greenhouse) to see Claire Teal, who was OK, and Fontwell to see Katy Melua, who was fab.

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