Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's August already!

OMG! It's August already!!! What's happening this week?

DS is away, and has texted to say he's having a great time!

DD has been lovley (mainly becasue she has needed to earn some money!!), and has helped round the house, and been really nice. She came out with me and Mum and Dad yesterday afternoon to a garden centre. WE had a cream tea! It was £10.15!!!! EEK! what a waste of money! Oh well, Mum and Dad enjoyed it.

DH at work. He came home on Monday night and fell asleep on the sofa for a couple of hours. DD was sleeping over, so we were on our own. When he woke up he farted all over the place. How romantic is that?

Me, I'm cybercropping on UKS. Doing a book of me. I have loved the prompts to make me think about my life, etc. Just a bit frustrated because I've had other things to do, and would quite like to just concentrate on my BOM. Yesterday I sorted out a whole load of old photos and DD scanned them in for me, and printed some. Off to do a page on 'Meeting DH'

Weather is much cooler this week, and I've slept much better under the duvet rather than just a sheet.

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