Monday, August 07, 2006

Sarah and David's 25th wedding anniversary

We went to Sarah and David's 25th wedding anniversary party on Saturday evening. (Sarah is an old school friend, we've kept in touch over the years even though she has spent most of the last 25 years living abroad, as David is an expat worker for HSBC. We had a fantastic time. It was at a very posh hotel, Baliffscourt at Climping. We were greeted outside with champagne and canapes at first, and talked to Sarah, Lesley, and Sarah's Dad. We were then ushered inside for a fabulous meal in an old medieval looking room. Not very big, only 4 tables of 8. We sat with Sarah, David, David and Christine, and Sarah's brother Tim. It was a fabulous meal, the wine was flowing and the conversation interesting! (As it always is with Sarah and David!)

After we had eaten we watched a wonderful film that David had made (in secret) which was made up from photographs of their wedding, honeymoon, and children growing up. It was fabulous, David had done a really great job. (The music was a bit cheesy, very lovey-dovey for my taste!!!!!) He gave her the most beautiful ring because he said she hadn't wanted an engagement ring so he was giving it to her now. ( I have to confess to wishing my DH was a bit more like that - on our 25th he didn't even give me a card, and I had spent hours scouring the shops for some really nice cufflinks for him!)

We stayed chatting until really late, and got home about midnight. Even DH said he wouldn't mind hosting a party like that. Maybe our 30th!

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