Friday, August 18, 2006

Garden in August

Just about the only thing in flower (apart from pots) is this lovely blue hibiscus. Even this looks very floppy. The view along my garden path shows just how much my neighbour's passion flower has grown through. I love it!

Just look at the grass though! Will it ever recover? It has been so dry, and every time we get rain forecast, it seems to blow over with just one or two spots to dampen the leaves. It has rained a bit more today (Merlin and I got soaked in a bit of a downpour this morning, first time for ages it's rained while we've been walking). The weather is really horrible atm. I find that it makes me feel really tired. It's quite warm, very humid, and although cloudy it's very bright. You don't know what to wear - wear a t-shirt you're too cold, wear a cardigan too hot! Put on sunglasses, too dark, without them, too bright! I'm secretly longing for that hot weather again, but perhpas it's too late now. Certainly it's beginning to feel autumny, the nights are drawing in too quickly.

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Kelly said...

linda youve been tagged check my bog for the questions :D:D:D