Sunday, July 30, 2006

Party animals - NOT!

Last night we went to a party. John and Amamnda are moving to Dubai for one year, so they had a huge party to say goodbye. They have an amazing house on Shoreham Beach, right on the pebbles. The whole of the back of their house opens up, it is fab! Last night they had a 10 piece band in their lounge. The band was really good, playing all sorts of rock music from the 70s mostly (Rolling Stones, Roxy Music etc). But we didn't know anybody except John and Amanda. (DH knew about 3 people from work, but I didn't know them). We sat in a corner feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, talked to a man with a flashy camera for a bit, and came home! I was supposed to be driving so didn't have much to drink, and then DH drove home!

But there is no way that we would not have gone, we wanted to say good bye to J and A. But what to do at a party like that? I would have been quite happy bopping to the band on my own, but DD was with us, and she thought I looked too embarrassing!!! J and A lead a completely different lifestyle to us, lots of socialising (they can never find a free weekend when we ask them here!) and will be perfectly fine in Dubai. We just don't socialise, and don't like parties much, would rather sit at home with a bottle of nice wine from Sainsbury's - cheaper, not noisy or smoky, can find a comfortable seat etc etc. Aren't we getting old? (Trouble is J is older than DH!!)

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