Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Not enough to do!

Everyone is soooo busy atm, except me. Now Spanish lessons have finished I have Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday without any routine. It has to change!!! My 2 best mates who I have coffee with are incredibly busy with jobs and children. We used to meet every Friday, now it's about once a month, and hasn't been for a while now. They are coming here tomorrow for a quick coffee at 1.30, or else we won't be able to meet before the summer hols. It is nice to have time to organise things at will, for example, I like to see Mum and Dad once a week, usually on a Thurs but sometimes Fri, or Wed. This week I'm taking Mum shopping on Friday.

Even my computer forums are really slow atm!

But it should be a really good opportunity to catch up on scrapbooking!! I have loads of ideas about what I want to do, especially now I've finished (?) sorting out the old photos. Number one priority is Robin's star book, which I have to say is coming on really well. I saw some paper in a magazine that I thought would be perfect, and it said it was Chatterbox Reading room. I ordered it, but it's different to the magazine!! Still nice though. I'm using a light olive green and a burnt red colour bazzill for it. The green chalk ink, and red distress ink I have goes really well.

Number 2 and 3 are CJs. Number 4 is Mail Art.

Then I suppose I can think about the other projects. But I have a crop on Saturday. It's the Brighton and Hove crop ressurected, and in a church hall, so I'm hoping it will be good, and there will be lots of people there. I want to try out new things, and hopefully if the crop is a success we can get people to demonstrate new techniques for us. So I think I'll order some garden photos and start the garden album (or CJ).

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