Thursday, July 06, 2006


Oh bringing up teenagers is sooooo hard! Not had a very good week with dd (14) this week. She has been out every night which doesn't help, she is stroppy, cheeky, rude, insolent..... (just like me when I was that age!!!)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, a friend asked me if DD would go on holiday with them to France. They have a DD the same age, and they both get on really well together. I agonised quite a lot, but in the end said yes. They booked the holiday last week for the w/c 5th Aug.

DD got some really exciting news yesterday, she has been picked for an England training camp for volleyball under 14s. YOOHOO! Trouble is she found out late last night that it's the weekend 5/6th Aug. OH NO. She is distraught, I feel really bad about it, don't know what to do. DH thinks we may be able to get her to France on the Monday, but we don't know exactly where in France they are going. I can't talk to my friend today, because she works, I have a govenors meeting at 5pm, and then keep fit. DD is going round there for tea tonight, and tomorrow to get ready for the disco, and then K is coming back here to sleep over.

My thoughts are that it is far too much hassle to get her to France on the Monday. I don't think my friend would have booked the holiday if DD wasn't going - so I think she should go on the holiday.

Why have they waited so late to tell the girls about the training camp? They must know that kids go on holiday in August? If only they had told us last week.......

Watch this space, I am sure it will sort itself out, but I feel very responsible and that I will have to be proactive in getting it sorted. I just don't want the hassle!!!!

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