Monday, July 03, 2006

Marine Gardens

Recording everyday things is not something I always remember to do. So I decided to take photos on our early morning walk yesterday of this seafront shelter which is right opposite the entrance to Marine Gardens. It has recently had a replacement roof to make it look Edwardian(?) in style. I think it looks great! Much better than the previous flat roof. The grey bit is fibreglass so should last well against the prevailing sou'westerlies! They replaced all the seating too, with seats with arms, so that the homeless people can't sleep there, which they often did before. Although the other day when I walked past there was a man sleeping with his knees bent up over the arm! Must have been very uncomfortable, but then sleeping on a hard bench can't be wonderful, can it?

Here's my attempt at a couple of 'arty-farty' shots. We have always tried to take these type of photos with very limited success!!

Here is the entrance to Marine Gardens from the seafront. (Can't get this photo to load!) I walk through these gardens most days, they are straight down towards the seafront from our house, about 10 mins walk. There is a bowling green, a cafe and a pitch and putt. I used to go there for a coffee when I was studying and needed a change of scenery. I would take a spaper I was having trouble with and a highlighter, order a mug of coffee, and sit and draw all ove it!!

This photo was taken in the Spring. Now this bed is full of bright geraniums. Not all the beds have been planted with bedding, presumably for water saving. The pond is dry too, but the beds round the pond look great with roses, and big thistles, perennial graniums, alchemilla, and much more.

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