Friday, July 21, 2006

Garden update

It's been really hot this week, and the garden looks like it has frizzled up in disgust! The grass is almost completely brown (apart from a few green patches of weeds!), and some of the shrubs are limp and dull. I have been trying to keep up with watering the pots, and I am pleased with how they look this year.

I keep my bedding plants to pots on the patio just outside the back door so that I don't have to walk too far to water them. We've been putting every drop of washing up water on the garden. It would be nicew to be able to put the shower water on the garden too, but I'm not sure how we'd do that!

Still quite a few plants in flower - I always think that Summer is a bit green in my garden, not so much in flower as in spring. Here's what's in flower today:

hosta, helenium, echinacea, kniphofia (2 types), hydrangea (2 types), daisy thing, grass (don't know it's name), penstemon (pink, garnet, red, blackbird), croscosmia (red, bright, bright red), rock rose (nearly finished), clematis (several types), hemerocallis (bronzy red colour and double orange), red lychnis, rose (ground cover), perennial sweet pea, agapanthus, phygellis, stocks, fushia, lysimachia, orange wallflower.

Seems I have alot of red, trouble is it's mixed in with bright pink!!

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