Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ooops! It's a while since I last posted!

Just a few words about the weekend - Saturday: went shopping to Crawley (again!) with Claire, Lucy and Katrina. It was very hot and sticky, and I really didn't feel very well, so did not enjoy shopping. I did buy a jacket in the Next sale. Lucy and Katrian had a fab time shopping for their holiday, and Claire only bought a top (oh and Radio Times!!) I managed to have a little nap in the afternoon before going to Stewart's BBQ. Stewart is 50 now! (Here is a pic of Stewart and his mum!) We used to socialise all the time with the 'bike' crowd in our 20s. It stopped really when we had Nicholas. We tend to get together for a meal at Christmas (Gary organises us). So it is always great to see everyone again, and lots of catching up to do!

Sunday: Got up really early to go to Newbury all-day crop organised by the lovely MJ! I picked Jan up in Portsmouth, and it was really nice to have her to chat to. We arrived at 10am on time! I am always amazed at how friendly the group is, and how welcoming. We had a fab day, lots of scrapping, chatting, eating and drinking tea and coffee - a perfect day. We left at 7pm, and I was home just after 9.

School has broken up now, and DD has been very keen to do jobs to earn some extra cash! She has made some of the tea, tidied the kitchen and her room, so she can have some money to go shopping in Brighton with Katrina tomorrow (for more stuff for their holiday!)

DS is sorting out my dad's computer, and hopefully the bits he has ordered will come tomorrow. Should be able to install on Friday.

I did a bit of clearing out in my bedroom today - books and magazines and CDs were all getting out of hand by my bed. I took some RHS garden mags to the Oxfam shop. I always love taking things to the charity shop, it feels like a burden lifted, and gives me the feel-good factor!

Just joined the summer cybercrop on UKS. I'm doing the Book of Me, and am loving the prompts! I spent ages this morning making a list of the 'tracks of my years', and 10 things I do every day, and 5 things I never do! I'll upload it all here later.

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