Thursday, July 27, 2006

Here's a CJ entry for Dawn's CJ, Textures. I made each letter with a different texture, the t's are from corrugated board, the e's have mesh on them, the x is embossed with metallic look, the u is soft fabric, the r is embossed shiny nad smooth, and the s has fibres wrapped round it. These are my colours! I love autumny shades, golds, oranges, reds, browns.

These are the ATCs I made for a swap on UKS - theme: dragonflies and butterflies. I am really pleased with the background, made by swooshing distress ink around with a baby wipe, old paper, scattered straw and worn lipstick. I then stamped butterflies randomly in scattered straw. But, then I couldn't decide what to do on top, and I made a few duff ones first! I hope these are good enough - I love the colours, much prettier than I usually use, especially the worn lipstick! Mostly I have stamped on top with my darker distress inks, brick red and the dark brown (can't remember the name of it right now)
It is my 2nd ATC swap, I made a few for the last cyber crop. I'm still really nervous about swapping things like this, becasue I know there are lots of people much better than me! But I am learning, and I really felt that I learnd a lot doing these about how much ink to put on the stamp, and being patient and waiting for the ink to dry! One or two of the words are a bit wonky, but I quite like that. I hope my swapees like them too!

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