Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot, hot, hot (again)

It's been incredibly hot today. The hottest July day on record! (36.3 degrees at gatwick airport).

Nicholas and I walked Merlin to the beach this morning at 8am. We had to keep to the shade, it was hot already! I went in the sea, unbelievable for this country, so early, yet so hot.

Then I went to Waitrose shopping. I walked into town and bought 3 fans, hope they help keep us cool tonight - it seems to heat up upstairs just before we go to bed!

Pam, Victoria and Lorraine came round for lunch, and we sat under the tree, but it was still quite hot. We spent a good couple of hours discussing teenage daughters - maybe mine isn't so bad after all!

Tonight I've been out for a meal with the family centre, celebrating their 10 years.

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