Sunday, July 16, 2006

Busy time

Ooooh I've been too busy to come on the computer! It's been really nice - I spend far too much time on here.

Friday I took Mum shopping to Crawley. I bought shoes and trousers, she bought a skirt and trousers. Quite a nice day.

Saturday I went to a crop in Hove. It was fab! It's in a really lovely church hall, easy to find, free parking, but not many people yet. Janet would really like a bout 12 people so we can acrue a little kitty for stash to try on our own, or someone to come in and demonstrate, eg alcohol inks. J did a great job of organising, a 'page of the day' competition, a 'try this' table, and alittle 'crop talk'. We tried out some vellum ideas. It was 7pm before I got home, and buy the time we had walked the dog, and watched telly (we've been watching 'Only Fools on Horses'), it was bedtime!!!

Sat am I took DS to work and then went to sainsbury's to buy stuff for friends coming round today. I took all the recipes from the Sainsbury's magazine - it was brill. I did salmon on a bed of vegetables, potato salad with mango chutney (yum!), a hug salad, and sausages and chicken legs becasue I was worried there wouldn't be enough - in fact there was plenty! They have not long gone home, DH and friend drank rather a lot, and then DH bought more beer out just when C had said she wanted to go home with her youngest DD! A really lovley afternoon, we sat under the tree , and always have great chat. Slightly spoiled for me a the end becasue they stayed so late. But really nice to have DD with us all day.

It's very hot atm. Just going down the beach with the dog.

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