Sunday, July 02, 2006

hot hot hot!

It's been a real scorcher today! We got up early and took Merlin for a long walk to the park and beach. Then we had bacon sarnies and coffee -YUM! I have spent the rest of the day indoors, cos it's too hot outside!! I used to really like hot days, but as I have got older I can't take the heat, it makes me feel ill. I think 24/25 degrees is about perfect. It's been 29 today, and tomorrow is forecast to be 31. I really don't like the hot nights either! It always seems to get humid after a couple of nice days. We are expecting thunderstorms later in the week. So I spent the day crafting. I've finished another CJ entry and some recipe cards for my mail art group. Oh and watched the MotoGP of course! From Donnington Park this week. Pedrosa won, Rossi 2nd, Melandri 3rd. Rossi did extremely well to come from behind, and with a broken wrist! Other sporting news is that David Beckham has resigned as England captain after were defeated yesterday in the quarter finals of the World Cup. They missed 3 penalties! It's quite sad really - I would have loved to see them go further.

We went down to the beach at about 4pm. The tide was high, and I went in for a swim, it was blissful! Cool, small waves, nice and deep with the tide high. M sat on the stones and watched.

We have to drive to Dorking in a mo to get Lucy from her volleyball weekend. Not looking forward to that much!

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