Saturday, July 29, 2006

Worthing sea front fayre

I love the sea front fayre! It happens at the end of July each year, but we've not been here the last few years. Last night there was a huge firework display from the end of the pier. It was great! Loads of people heading for the seafront at 10pm, and it was a warm, balmy evening. Here are my attempts at some pics! I took 48, but there's only about 5 that are OK, most of them are very blurred. I rested the camera on a breakwater post, but I still jog it when I press the shutter. Quite pleased with these though, and they are much better than last year.

Maurice and I walked into town this afternoon along the prom. There was a mock air-sea rescue going on, but it was quite a way out to sea, not easy for us to see. Love that helicopter! (I love watching the tv series 'Seaside Rescue'. I just think the men who man the helicopter are sooooo cool, I want to marry them all!) There is a market all along the prom, which is really busy. I wish they would do it more often in the summer, it makes the town really buzz.

Nicholas went on his Christian camp today. He went on his own on the train to Tonbridge! He was really nervous all day, because he didn't go until 4.30pm. We all went to the station to see him off! I'm going to miss him, because he is about at hime alot, and is really good company atm. I hope he has a good time! He is camping near Tonbridge (near BIL John), and it sound slike he'll be canoeing, hiking and generally doing outdoor things, just like scout camp really.

The weather is changing slightly. It has cooled down over the last couple of days, and today it has clouded over and now it's sticky. I hope it stays cooler but dry for Nicholas's holiday, and then it must heat up again for the week after cos that's when DD is going to France with Claire, Andy and Katrina. (And Nicholas is off to Soul Survivor)


MJ said...

Love those photos Linda, fantastic shots of the fireworks.

MJ xx

Galaxy Girl said...

I think I know the camp, it's just down the road a few miles from me.