Friday, July 14, 2006

My second star book

I love the starbook that I have made BIL for his 60th birthday. It is very frustrating though, because blogger doesn't want to show you any photos!! I'll have to try again later.

DD has decided to go on the holiday and miss the volleyball training. It has been a bad few days, where she and I seem to clash the whole time. Right now it's because she thinks she is going out on Sunday afternoon and we have people to lunch. They have younger daughters, who absolutely adore Lucy, so we would like her to be there! (DH is doing his Mr Spock bit, and being totally unemotional about it-accusing me of excalating the argument all the time.)

Anyway there will be another chance at the vb training, later in the year. Even my brother's dd is having second thoughts now!

Off shopping with Mum today to Crawley. She needs a break from dad (and I expect he needs a break from her!!). They are together 24/7, and I think things are a little tense from time to time. I haven't been shopping with Mum on her own for years. I hope it will be OK! Let's see if we can buy her some nice new clothes that both suit and fit!! A tall order these days I find.


MJ said...

Look forward to those photos Linda, I have the same problem with blogger wont put any photos on for me either. Must be a fault.

MJ xx

Galaxy Girl said...

Enjoy the shopping, and thanks for the tag. I've answered it on my blog.

On the subject of teenagers, I have long given up the struggle to spend time with Rob, it's easier to rise above it. Apparently, they come back to the fold and want to spend time with us around 20 ish.