Monday, September 11, 2006


What a fab weekend I've had, cropping, cropping and more cropping, and a stamp show!!

There was a stamp show in Worthing on Saturday. I thought it would be very small, and take just a few mins to walk round. I was going to pop in on my way to B/H crop, but DH had to take his bike wheel in, so he came with me! He said he was interested, I reckon he just wanted to keep tabs on my spending!!! The show was really good, about 16 exhibitors, and not all cutesy-pie stamps! Lots of distress inks and alcohol inks, yummy. I bought 2 new colours of distress inks.

Brighton and Hove crop on Saturday was OK. The hall is really nice, but it is big, so 5 of us rattle around a bit really. J who organises it says she has had lots of enquiries, but noone new came this month. Why aren't there any scrapbookers in Brighton? I did some more of my garden album. I wasn't very pleased with what I've done really, so might mess with them a bit more before uploading photos. I started a LO in my 'Book of Me' about hairstyles, which I finished on Sunday - quite pleased with that one. By the time it got to 5pm, I had a headache, and felt pretty bad, but managed to stay to help put the chairs and tables away. I wondered how I would cope at another crop on Sunday!

Jillybeans crop on Sunday was fab! What a great place she has! It only took 1 hour to get there. Really nice people, really welcoming, the cropshop is stuffed full of gorgeous stash, and Jill made us lunch which we ate outside in her lovely garden. I was far more inspired at this crop. When I've been to a few more, I'll known what it is that makes a good crop! I think it really helps to get along with the other people cropping, chatting and laughing ALL the time - no awkward silences please!

I spent a bit of money that I can't really afford, because I've bought the QK recently! I bought Oh Baby Boy collection, a JB kit that contains scrummy Crate papers, some daisy D's western style papers (for my next star book!), and a few sheets of Bazzill that I used. How WONDERFUL it was to just get up and walk 2 steps to the HUGE rack of Bazzill to choose the colour that EXACTLY matched!

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