Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving day 10 and 11

oops! Forgot again yesterday! But I am really enhoying this month of gratefulness! Some forum friends are joining in and it does lift our spirits!

Yesterday I was thankful for my wet weather gear! It poured with rain all day long. But on my dog walk I felt snug and dry in my anorak, leggings and wellies!

Today I am thankful for the fact that I didn't get distracted by the computer this morning, but instead had a very productive time!

went to work for 3 hours

walked the dog - fave walk along Ferring greensward

got 1 load of washing out on the line (t dryer has packed up)

made leek and potato soup (enough for today and tomorrow lunch)

vacuumed all through - not so many dog hairs this week, he must have finished moulting

mopped kitchen floor (it was FILTHY!!)

Now I can spend all afternoon sorting my photos and maybe printing some for Shimelle's class which I am going to soon!

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