Sunday, November 09, 2008

Thanksgiving- day 8 and 9

Yesterday I was thankful for my not-so-early morning cup of tea bought to me in bed by maurice! All through our married life he has bought me a cup of tea in bed, except just lately when I have been working the 'early-shift'! I now get up before him. I am also thankful for the lovely tea he cooked for me (not weaiting for me when I got in from my crop which would have been perfect, but I can't have everything can I?). Pork chop with lashings of vegetables, YUM!

Today I am thankful for coffee! I love my morning mugs of coffee. One of the ladies at work makes me a cup every morning about 8.45am, when she comes in, and then I have my second mug after my dog walk. Maurice makes a mean mug of coffee after dog walk/run at the weekends. My favourite atm is Kwonggi Mountain from Waitrose.

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