Thursday, November 27, 2008

Today is thanksgiving day in USA. Later on today I might do another entry here about the origins and traditions of it, but just now, I want to do my big thankyou that I have been saving until today. Today I am grateful for my close family, Maurice and the kids! What would I be without them?

Here's the latest photo of Nicholas that I took at Bath a couple of weeks ago. Am I proud of him??? He has settled into university life so well, and is joining in with so many things, many more than we had hoped! He has a fabulous social life with lots of different groups of friends, and is really happy! I don't think the work has been particularly challenging this term, but maybe that's a good thing- he has had time ot settle in nicely. (That's Maurice and my Mum in the picture at the Roman baths. My mum is really small, so M and N are bending their knees LOL) I am really looking forward to meeting Nicholas in London on saturday. We're going to have lunch at the science museum, then onto a AIFHS meeting at Andy's office.

I think this is the latest one of Lucy that I have taken. This is where Lucy can often be found when she's at home! She has purloined the family laptop, and it is more of less permanently in her bedroom! I am so proud of Lucy, she has settled into 6th form college really well, has made new friends, and is enjoying the new subjects (pyschology and sociology) I am really proud of her achievements in volleyball, England u16 champions, and although she is not England standard, I love that she has a really good attitude to winning or losing, and will continue to play socially. I am proud of her relationship with her boyfriend. They seem to be really good friends, and never argue. She is coming through the teenage years and really blossoming!

And here we are as a family! We don't have many shots like this, maybe I will take another one this year. I think we took this about 3 years ago for a Christmas card! I am so looking forward to spending some time all together over the Christmas period!

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Zoechaos said...

Your thanksgiving blog has been an inspiration your positive attitude and open minded approach have made it a joy to read.
Thank you