Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving day 28

Today I am grateful for my 'real life' friends. I have loads of 'cyber' friends that I talk to every day more of less, but these are my real life friends that I drink coffee and eat lunch with! This morning I am off to Angela's for coffee with her and Sarah. I met Angela at a mother and baby group shortly after Nicholas was born, so that's nearly 20 years ago! We were only at the m&b group until the babies were 8 months, so met at each others houses, on a Friday afternoon. That changed to a Friday morning once the children were at nursery school, so we could actually talk! The group diminished over the years as people moved away etc, and Sarah joined us as she and Angela were already friends through theur husbands. We don't meet every week now. Maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks on average, usually at one of our houses, but occasionally out for lunch or coffee. We have been through each others ups and downs and provide each other with enormous love and support.

Later on I am going to meet another set of friends for lunch. These friends also date back to when Nicholas was a baby. We used to meet as a postnatal NCT group. We all lived locally and met once a week at one of our houses, ably organised by Denise. WE didn't see much of each ohter for while when the children were at middle school, but we now meet up once a month for lunch at Tides restaurant in Goring. We've also been through everyone's ups and downs, including 'empty nest' syndrome, now our children are going off to university!

I love the fact that I have such a diverse set of friends. I don't have a particular 'best-mate', but do have lots of people I can talk to and go out with. Not only do I have the friends I made when I first had Nicholas, but new friends I am making now through my crafting, both scrapbooking and sewing.

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