Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thanksgiving day 6

Gosh, 6 days and I am still going!
Today I am thankful for the ladies at my quilting class. Well, I say ladies, cos we are all of a certain age, and do LOOK like ladies, but I am afraid we don't always act like them! The sense of humour is often very blue, and my do we laugh! It is the greatest tonic, and would cheer anyone up! Today, it was Jean, probably in her late 60s, who we misheard, when she said someone (on TV) was a silly prigg! We thought she said silly Prick!! My did we laugh!!!
I nearly didn't go today. When I got home from work at 9.30am, all i wanted to do was sit in the lounge and watch daytime TV. I'm glad I made myself go, as I am back onto my lap quilt, whioch I am now quilting. I'll show you when it's finished, but for now you can see my table runner which I have just completed.
Thanks to Zoe for 'tagging' me, and hi to any new visitors to my blog! It's not very crafty atm, but I will put some crafty stuff up soon, I promise! You may want to scroll down to 'Album for Sue' which was my last scrapbooking project.

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