Friday, November 21, 2008

Thanksgiving day 21

Today I am thankful for Fridays!!! WOOHOO no work today! I work Thursday evening so I cna have Friday off, so a bit of a lie in and plenty of time to myself!!

I have just this week changed my hours a little bit. I am now cleaning Mon-Wed 6.15-9.15, then a quick clean Wed evening, don't go in Thursday morning, but do 5-8pm Thursday evening. U changed becayse it's dirtiest on Thursdays and I was just doing a quick clean then, and I am doing a little volunteering course on Thursday lunchtimes.

The course is being run for ex-users of the family centre who would like to be involved as a volunteer, and I am participating in this one, with a view to runnning it myself later on! So far, so good, there's 4 of us atm, so a nice little group.

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