Friday, November 07, 2008

Thansgiving day 7

I can't decide today whether to be grateful for my Friday lie-in or that we live so close to the beach!
I work Mon-Thurs 6-9am, and clean on Thursday nights so i can have Friday off. I hust love the feeling after work on Thursday, hay, I don't have to clean this place again until Monday morning! I can have a glass of wine and go to bed later! I have a lovely 3 day weekend.
We live about 10mins walk from the beach, and I just love to go down there with Merlin on a mild calm morning like this one! This pic was taken a few weeks ago, but that's just how it was this morning! I often take my camera with me, and i have about 1000 photos of Worthing beach!!! And that's just digital!!!! The morning walk really sets me up for the day, especially if Merlin has had a good run about (what joy!) and I can come home, have a cup of coffee (but I'll be thankful for that another day!!) and get on with routine.

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Mj said...

Your Thanksgiving idea is lovely Linda, hope you are all ok.

Sending you hugs