Monday, November 03, 2008

Thanksgiving day 3

Today i am grateful for my MP3 player! I listen to it at work, while I am cleaning the Family centre. I get to work about 6.15am, and it is dark and cold, and I am the only one there until about 8.30am, so it keeps me sane!!!

I listen to the local radio station, Splash FM usually, but the DJ does get on my nerves a bit! But today I did decide that he is always cheerful if a bit cheesy, and gets his words muddled alot! I can't get my beloved radio2 at work! I love listening to Ken Bruce later on, while I am walking the dog. I quite like Jeremy Vine, but the kids really take the mickey out of me for listening to him. They can't understand why anyone would want to phone in to him to voice thier opinion! I quite often listen to it on the computer during the day. But my very favourite radio 2 show is Stuart McConie and Mark Radcliffe in the evenings. I often listen to them while I am in my craft room.

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Chriss Rollins said...

wonderful pix linda.
chriss x