Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving day 26

Radio2! I love listening to radio 2, so today am grateful for the DJs, my faves are Terry Wogan in the morning, love his quirky sense of humour, especially the Janet and John thing! (JUst ordered a CD for Children in Need - also Bandaged!) I quite like Jeremy Vine at dinner time, I do enhoy the phone ins and hearing all different opinions about the news topics of the day and other less serious topics. I love the popmaster quiz on Ken Bruce's show . I also love Chris Evans - drivetime- love his upbeat excitement! Fave bit is where the children ring in to say what they've done for the first time today! But my absolute favourite are Stewart McConie and Mark Radcliffe in the evenings. Love em! Especially the music they play, so cool! I can often be found in my craft room listening to them while I craft! Consequently I don't watch much telly anymore! I am very choosy about what I watch - recently I have enjoyed Stephen Fry's trip round America where he visited every state, and found some really quirky people! Also anything with Charley Boorman, YUM!

Edited to say that the Bandaged CD arrived, and that Ken Bruce DWYT is incredibly funny! maurice loved it too! It's probably the only track we will listen to LOL!

It is Thanksgiving Day tomorrow, so I think I will write an extra special thankyou. Watch this space!

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