Saturday, November 01, 2008


I am really interested in the American Thanksgiving day, what a great idea ! Wish we did something like it here. I was reading Creative Keepsakes, and someone had done a LO of a photo a day in November, each one of something they feel thankful for. So I am going to try and post here every day in November - something I am thankful for. I am hoping it will help to cheer us all up in this doom and gloom. If I can I will put a photo on my blog each day - but I can't promise that! Do please join in !

1st November I am thankful for my computer! it keeps me in touch with a whole host of forum friends, gives me inspiration and challenges for my scrapbooking hobby, is somewhere to look up directions, prices, information. When you think about it, it is wonderful!

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Gallifrey said...

I really like your thanksgiving idea - and will endeavor to give it a go!
Belated Happy Anniversary. I loved both sets of photos!